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Tool service for cutting tools

More than tools

Cutting tools have made a significant contribution to industrialisation and the associated development of mass production. Today, all industrial sectors require cutting tools in order to realize a wide variety of products and technologies with ever increasing precision. The demands on machining technology have grown steadily and are now more differentiated than ever.

With the experience of more than fifty years, we have played a decisive role in this development since 1963. Our expertise and the common language with users have made us a competent partner in the market for solutions in precision and high-performance machining.

Not only do we supply you with tools, but we also put together a complete, individual product package for you. This includes consulting, delivery reliability, price-performance ratio and modern logistics. In addition, you benefit from our individual service, such as online business processes, procurement and tool management.

First-class advice, best quality and individual solutions are our claim and our promise. Our passion for precision as the basis for your economic success.