Tools for micro machining
Multiform micro tools from diameter 50 µm - milling, drilling, reaming, countersinking, deburring and threading


Micro and mini tools from SPPW: Micro milling cutters, micro reamers, micro thread whirlers, micro drills as well as micro multifunctional tools for milling, countersinking, drilling and deburring, extremely small and precise to the µ!

Due to our many years of competence in the field of micro-machining and our cooperation in various research projects, we have been able to develop unique tools that are distinguished by outstanding performance and precision. This is how our extremely broad product Multiform-Micro-Tools was created.



SPPW has been on the market with high-precision microtools since 1993. We are therefore one of the pioneers in this field of application and offer solutions for machining plastics, aluminium, steel, hardened steel, stainless steel, graphite, copper and precious metals.

Our tools make it possible to produce the finest contours in the µ range. We use only high-quality carbides and specially adapted coatings. Polished cutting edges and optimised geometries guarantee maximum precision, long service life and process reliability.

Multiform Micro-Tools - Micro Tools for High Precision Complete Machining

SPPW microtools are specially designed for applications in micro mold making, prototype construction, electrode manufacturing, watch and jewelry manufacturing, medical technology, optics industry, micro fluidics and dosing technology as well as in the printed circuit board industry.

Multiform microtools are micro milling cutters, miniature drills, reamers and many other miniature tools in the diameter range below 1 mm:

  • Micro milling cutters from diameter 0.05mm (50µm)

  • Smallest drill from Ø0,1mm increasing by 0,01mm

  • Micro reamers in the diameter range from Ø0.2mm by 0.005mm increasing

  • Micro-thread whirler for threads from M0.8

  • Micro multifunctional tools from Ø0.1mm for drilling, countersinking, chamfering and engraving

  • Micro forward reverse deburrer from Ø0.2mm or from R0.2mm

  • Micro concave milling cutter from R0,1mm

  • Micro-NC deburrer from Ø0,5mm


facts worth knowing About micro tools


Our tools are already available in extremely small diameters. For example, milling cutters from Ø0.5mm and with 2 cutting edges.


All tools are made with the tightest tolerances in μm size. Diameter and shape tolerances from +/-0.001 mm e.g. for reamers.


In addition to the large number of variants, we have the program with the largest density of different diameters, e.g. milling cutter 5/100, drill 1/100 and reamers 5/1000 increments


We only use selected prime materials and are constantly developing our micro tools. In cooperation with our customers and research institutes, we develop technically mature tools with outstanding performance characteristics.


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