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"ThreadBurr" enables simple and efficient threading and thread entry in a single operation. With this new generation of thread milling cutters it is possible to produce burr-free threads of high quality without prior chamfering. This means a considerable time saving in production. Threads with a particularly high surface quality can be produced with an exactly achievable thread depth. Lower tool costs due to multiple use of one tool for different thread types round off the picture. In addition, almost all materials, even those that are difficult to machine and high-strength, can be reliably machined.


Thread milling and deburring in one operation

ThreadBurr thread milling cutters are available in the standard stock program for threads with depths of 1.5xØ, 2xØ, 2.5xØ and 3xØ. The stock range includes thread milling cutters for metric (M, MF), unified (UNF, UNC), Whitworth (G), armoured conduit (PG) and conical threads (BSPT, NPT, NPTF, NPSF). Due to the wide standard program, it is possible to manufacture thread milling cutters in special designs.

The offer is rounded off by our expert program SmiCut, which determines the technical application data for the individual application and outputs these immediately as a CNC program.

In addition to the thread milling cutters from the "ThreadBurr" series, SPPW offers a wide range of conventional thread milling cutters with exchangeable cutting inserts, thread whirlers, micro thread whirlers and thread turning tools.


Advantages of thread milling for tapping:


Process reliability:

Minimal risk of machine downtime due to low cutting forces and short chips. In the event of tool breakage, the entire workpiece is not destroyed, as the thread milling cutter does not get stuck in the workpiece due to its smaller diameter.


Thread quality:

Thread milling is carried out under favourable machining conditions than conventional thread cutting. This results in better surface quality, tolerance adherence and angular accuracy.


Correct thread diameter right from the start:

The pitch of each "Threadburr" thread milling cutter is optically measured and the theoretical outside diameter is individually lasered onto each thread milling cutter. This ensures that the correct thread diameter is achieved in the first attempt. If the tool wears out, it can then be compensated in the CNC program.



The same thread milling cutter can be used to produce right-hand and left-hand threads. One tool can be used to make threads of different diameters as long as the pitch is the same. Both basic and through-holes can be made. For threads type W, BSPT, PG, NPT, NPTF and NPSF, internal and external threads can be milled due to the thread profile.


Burr-free threads:

The thread entry at "ThreadBurr" is burr-free. It can be deburred and the thread cut in one pass. There is no additional time for deburring.

Reduced machine wear:

Thread milling leads to a longer service life of the spindle, as it does not have to stop for each thread and run in reverse as with conventional thread cutting.


Basic holes:

Thread milling produces a complete thread profile to the bottom of the hole. No deeper hole is required to compensate for the length of the tap cut. This may even allow a lighter construction of the component.


Difficult to machine materials:

The more favourable cutting conditions also permit the machining of materials that are difficult to machine, such as mould construction steels (65 HRc) or titanium.


Shorter machining times:

The elimination of the deburring operation results in shorter machining times. With large diameters, fine thread pitches and deep threads, most of the time is saved. This also applies to thread turning with rotating thread milling cutters.

facts worth knowing About thread milling tools


Thread milling and deburring in one operation!
When milling the thread, a clean and burr-free thread entrance is produced at the same time.
Due to our special geometry, the threads milled with "ThreadBurr" have an optimal surface.


All "ThreadBurr" thread milling cutters are measured during production and lasered with the real cutting diameter.
You know the exact diameter right from the start and can adjust the process to obtain dimensionally accurate threads.


In addition to our "ThreadBurr", our range also includes a large number of other threading tools. For example also small thread whirlers for threads in diameter M0,8.


SmiCut is an expert software based on MS Excel. You can enter the required parameters such as thread diameter, pitch, thread depth and material and receive a list of suitable thread milling cutters with cutting data. SmiCut also creates the G-Code, which you can copy & paste into your machine.


compared to conventional tapping or thread forming.

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