Medical Technology
Tools for the manufacture of implants, prostheses and medical instruments for human medicine, dental medicine and veterinary medicine.



Prostheses, implants or surgical instruments for human medicine, dental medicine or veterinary medicine


The areas of application for medical technology products have grown strongly in recent years and are correspondingly broadly positioned. Depending on the application, extremely different materials are used. They range from titanium alloys to stainless steels, ceramics and fibre-reinforced plastics.

By carefully combining cutting material, geometry and surface treatment, our cutting tools enable maximum precision in the manufacture of medical workpieces.

The use of new materials, especially in implants and prostheses, enables many people who depend on biomedical technology to lead a self-determined life. We offer the right tools for the production of these aids - process-optimised and matched to the cutting material to be machined.


We also often manufacture special tools which are characterised by particularly uniform quality and customer-audited manufacturing processes.

Our product range includes in particular a large number of miniature tools from the areas of milling, drilling, reaming, thread cutting and deburring, which are required for the manufacture of the smallest implants.

SPPW cutting tools are used, for example, in the manufacture of leg prostheses, dental instruments, dental implants, in the manufacture of medical devices such as pacemakers, but also in implants such as stands or brain probes.

  • Microtools

  • deburring tools

  • dental tools


We offer a wide range of miniature tools for medical technology; milling cutters, drills, reamers and thread milling cutters and deburring tools. The tools have special geometries and coatings for machining titanium alloys and stainless steels.

In the diameter range, our milling cutters are available in 1/10 mm increments and our drills in 1/100 mm increments.

Micro Milling 


"We specialize in small precision parts," explains Herbert Trafoyer, founder and CEO of Preciturn. The company is based in Kempton Park, South Africa.


Preciturn was founded in 1968 by Austrian machine builder Herbert Trafoyer and is now the second generation to produce high-precision micro parts on 20 multi-axis CNC machines.

From Kempton Park, Preciturn supplies customers in Europe, America, Oceania and Africa with high-precision small parts for medical technology made of titanium TiAl6V4.

The combination of hard work, traditional mechanical engineering knowledge, combined with the locational advantages of South Africa as well as the most modern production facilities is the key to success here. SPPW's microtools make the difference especially in the manufacture of medical technology. "We use drills and micro milling cutters from SPPW, the quality of which we are extremely satisfied with. High-quality and precise micro tools are one of the important factors for our success", H. Trafoyer concludes.


PRECITURN Pty Ltd - Implant Technology - Biological Engineering

233 Element Rd, Chloorkop Ext 1 ZA-1624 Kempton Park - South Africa


  • Large variety of diameters
  • Unbeatable price-performance ratio
  • Special geometries for titanium alloys
  • Extensive micro-program


Titanium alloys such as TiAl6V4 (Grade 5) have very good heat resistance and high resistance to cracking and cracking.
are therefore difficult to machine.

-> Our titanium tools have as many cutting edges and as many
sharp cutting edges and are mostly coated for better wear protection.


They are characterized by high resistance to corrosion and acids.
The following synonyms are also used
STAINLESS, INOX, NiRO, RSH, V2A or V4A. Stainless steel is distinguished by its crystal structure in ferritic and austenitic grades.
With a nickel content of more than 8%, they are in austenitic form and have favourable machining properties.
The most frequently used alloys are 1.4301 - X5CrNi18-10 (V2A), relatively soft NiRO steel for general use, and
1.4571 - X6CrNiMoTi17-12-2 as well as 1.4404 - X2CrNiMo17-12-2 (also V4A) with increased molybdenum content of 2% for increased corrosion resistance, use e.g. in salt water.

-> SPPW-Inox milling cutters have an increased spiral angle between 40° and 55° and partly show an unequal pitch.
For drills, at least HSS-E05 is required as cutting material. SPPW also offers special drilling and threading tools for machining stainless steels.


There are various requirements to plastics for the respective applications: Biocompatibility, heat resistance of terilization-resistant plastics, impermeability to X-rays, low-density plastics to reduce the weight of instruments or colored plastics to indicate size or application. This leads to the use of thermosets and thermoplastics; PEEK, PP, PPSU or POM are widely used.

What they all have in common is lower thermal conductivity (to metals). The cutting heat must be dissipated with the chip.

-> SPPW Rapid Line cutters have a geometry optimised for plastics, with large chip spaces and polished chip chambers. This enables high feed rates with optimum surface quality.


Carbon fibre (reinforced) plastic, consists of the C-fibre and the plastic matrix, mostly epoxy resin.
The properties of matrix and fiber complement each other. Machining by breaking the fibres. Heat is a problem because the matrix can degenerate. There is also a risk that CFRP will delaminate.

-> SPPW CFRP milling cutters have many cutting edges with chip breakers and are Dia.HC or diamond coated.

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