Reaming Tools
Tool solutions for reaming: Maximum precision from diameter 0.2mm to 60.1mm


SPPW is one of the leading suppliers of reaming tools in the German market. Our comprehensive range of precision reamers, with their tolerance and variety, sets standards in tool and mould making, the automotive industry, aircraft construction and medical technology. SPPW precision reamers guarantee first-class results and process reliability in reaming due to constant quality.

With its various product groups, the reamer range offers special solutions for a wide range of applications and materials.

In addition to our extensive product range, we also offer custom-made reamers, either as fit reamers with special tolerances or as complete reamers according to customer specifications.

We have over 3000 different reamers in stock, most of them in 1/100 increments. This means that most fits can be produced quickly and inexpensively. Should you nevertheless require a reamer, we can also supply this at short notice.



We have over 3000 different reamers in stock for you - many of them hundredths of a scale. With the SPPW-1/100 precision reamers, almost all fits can be produced quickly and cost-effectively.

Should you nevertheless require a fit reamer, we can also supply it to you at short notice. 

Our solutions:

  • Micro reamers (Ø0,20 - 2,45mm)

  • 1/100 precision reamers (Ø0,60 - 20,05mm)

  • Long and extra long reamers (Ø1 - 40mm)

  • High-performance reamers with IK for through and through bores

  • Special geometries (e.g. face reamers or HRC reamers)

  • Conical reamers (pitch 2° or 5%, 8%, 10%)

  • Hand reamers (also 1/100 increasing)

  • Fit reamers and special reamers


facts worth knowing About reaming tools


Our 1/100 reamers are manufactured to particularly tight tolerances:
Depending on the diameter, between 0/+3µm and 0/+5µm, with our
Microreibels even ±1µm.


Our program offers reamers from Ø0,20 - 60,10 mm, also long and XL versions, with internal cooling.


We have over 3000 different types and dimensions of reamers in stock for you!


With our 1/100 reamers, almost all fits from our standard can be covered, even with IK reamers or long reamers.


Our range of small reamers has now become even wider. The already known micro reamers made of solid carbide in the diameter range 0.20mm - 0.595, all increasing by 0.005mm (5mµ) with a tolerance of ±0.001mm (±1µm), are now supplemented by the range 0.60mm - 2.05mm. Here the reamers have a pitch of 1/100 and a tolerance of ±0.001mm (±1µm).

Our reaming tools


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