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Nine different operations with only one tool.



Multifunctionality is the top topic of modern machining processes. In order to save storage space and time when setting up the machine, we have expanded our established range of multifunctional tools. Due to the concentration on Miko tools, the Multi-V is now available in an even smaller version. It is already available from a diameter of 0.1 mm, which means that its versatility can now be fully exploited even in the smallest machining operations. In addition to the Multi-V, we offer "Combi-Mag", a more economical alternative made of the cutting material HSS-E05.

All tools have been designed to optimise production processes: Drilling, circumferential milling, countersinking, circular milling, slot milling, drilling, chamfer milling, combination milling or engraving, these are nine machining operations that can be carried out with a multifunctional tool without having to change the tool.


Multi-function tool "Multi-V" - 1 tool 9 machining operations

Multifunctionality is a top issue in modern machining. In order to save storage space and time when setting up the machine, the Hessian company Spanabhebende Präzisionswerke GmbH (SPPW) has further developed and reduced the size of its established precision tool "Multi-V": The micro tool for drilling, milling, chamfering and countersinking is now available with further tip angles and from a diameter of 0.1 mm.

This means for Multi-V: In the diameter range from 0.1 to 2.6 mm, the precision tool is now available in 1/10 dimensions. This means that its versatility can be fully exploited even in the smallest machining operations. Manufacturing processes are further optimized by the multi-functionality of the micro-tool - even in the machining of tiny surfaces.

Multi-V is a multi-function tool made of tungsten carbide with two cutting edges and reinforced shank. It is available in various tip angles: The angles 60°, 90° and 120° are available in blank or with Hard.X-TiALN coating. The angle 100° is also available for aircraft construction and 40° for engraving tasks. A special feature of the precision tool is the circumferential chamfer. It runs over the tip of the tool and thus makes Multi-V particularly stable. The cutting material used is ultra-fine grains of ISO application class K10/20. Due to this fineness, very sharp, embrasure-free cutting edges can be produced.

Multi-V was designed for the optimization of manufacturing processes. Drilling, peripheral milling, countersinking, circular milling, drilling, slot milling, chamfer milling and combination milling: up to eight machining operations can be carried out with Multi-V without having to change the tool. Further advantages of the multi-function CNC tool are simplified stockkeeping and shorter set-up times. Since Multi-V can be used to rationalize and combine operations, users not only save time, but also money. In addition, the high-precision tools promise more performance because they guarantee the highest surface quality and create additional benefits through their multifunctionality. All this makes Multi-V the ideal tool for CNC machines and machining centers.

Multi-V has been in production since 1993. At that time, SPPW was the first supplier to offer this tool as a catalogue standard. Since its successful market launch, the precision tool has been continuously further developed. In the course of concentrating on micro-tools, the multifunctional CNC tool is now available in an even smaller version.

facts worth knowing About multifunctional tools


Due to the circumferential guide chamfer, Multi-V is extremely stable and therefore suitable for more machining operations than other chamfer milling cutters.

Multiple Point ANGLES

Multi-V is offered with 5 different tip angles - 40° | 60° | 90° | 100° | 120° | 40° | 60° | 100° | 120°.

MICRO-MULTI-V - 1/10 Increments

Multi-V is available from a diameter of 0.1 mm in the standard version and is offered up to a diameter of 2.6 mm in tenths of an increment.


With just one Multi-V, you can perform up to 9 operations. You save space in the tool changer and time during machining.


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