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The requirements in advertising and sign making sector are complex and the production equipment is quite diverse. Production should be fast and efficient and the customers expect perfect surfaces of highest quality. We are happy to support you.



made for practical use!

Outdoor advertising, production of displays, print & cut - all these are examples of how diverse the requirements in advertising technology can be. In addition, there are many tasks from classic model making.

The vertical range of manufacture is high, the quantities rather low. Portal milling machines are often used, although the sizes of the machines vary greatly. The machine operators are often not trained machining mechanics, and there is a lack of in-depth knowledge of machining. The CAM interface to the machine is rather simple, more complex milling strategies are often unavailable.

This is the field of application our customers from the advertising sector operate in, and this is exactly where we are happy to help!

We have developed various tool sets, so-called starter sets, for this field of application. All starter sets have a defined composition for defined applications, which can be found frequently:

  • Milling of aluminium, plastics and wood (10 pieces) - Ø 3mm / Ø 6mm
    for grooving, trimming, copying, edging or chamfering
  • Milling of aluminium, plastics and wood (6 pieces) - Ø 6mm
    various slot milling cutters, drill milling cutters, finishing milling cutters & copy milling cutters, also in long version, as well as CFRP milling cutters with chip breaker
  • Milling of acrylic (4 pieces) - Ø 4mm / Ø 6mm / Ø 8mm / Ø 10mm
    various slot milling cutters, drill milling cutters, finishing milling cutters

With these sets you immediately have the right tool at hand and you are able to carry out milling tests or a feasibility study quickly, because you already have the tools at your disposal.

If you have any questions about which tools are best suited for a specific application, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you.



Particularly in the optical industry and display construction, very high demands are placed on the transparency of the processed surfaces. The surfaces often have to be "shiny" (highly transparent). This production requirement is very often associated with manual reworking or additional work steps.

For milling operations in acrylic, PC and PMMA with highly transparent surfaces, we offer our Rapid Shine milling cutters:

Due to their highly polished surface and the special cutting geometry together with extreme cutting speeds (vc 300-500m/min), SPPW Rapid Shine milling cutters enable almost crystal-clear and burr-free milling of transparent surfaces.

  • special edge preparation

  • polished flutes

  • optimal chip formation and chip removal

  • clear edges

Learn More About Rapide Shine Cutters


You must manufacture a structural component, a box or a box from aluminium composite panels (Di-Bond®). Then we have exactly the right milling cutters for you.

First, a V-shaped rebate is milled into the inner side of the composite panel. A thin layer of the core material should remain to protect the cover plates. The remaining cover plate can now be folded into the desired shape. Edging can be done by hand. The result is a clean bending edge.

More About Di-Bond Milling Cutters






Particularly in display construction, high demands are placed on the transparency of the processed surfaces. These often have to be "highly transparent", which is very often associated with manual post-processing or additional work steps.

-> Due to their highly polished surface and special cutting edge geometry together with extreme cutting speeds (vc 300-500m/min), SPPW PLX milling cutters enable virtually crystal-clear and burr-free milling of transparent surfaces.


Duroplastics can no longer be plastically deformed after hardening. They burn when reheated. They are resistant to solvents and have no tendency to swell or creep.

Thermoplastics return to their original form after heating (cooling). Due to their permanent formability, they have many design advantages and are therefore widely used.

When processing thermoplastics or thermosets, it is crucial to keep the temperature in the process as low as possible in order to prevent deformation during machining or damage to the component.

-> SPPW Rapid-Line cutters for plastics have particularly sharp sheaths and a polished surface. This enables high feed rates and clean cutting edges without burr formation.


Aluminium alloys (Mg, Si, Cu, Zn)
are very different in their machinability. For example, Al6061 is difficult to machine while Al7075 (AlZnMgCu1.5) is easy to machine.
Depending on the alloy, microstructural changes may occur during storage which cause changes in strength.

-> SPPW aluminium milling cutters have large grooves for optimum chip removal and between 1 and 3 cutting edges.
The cutter surfaces are often polished and coated (Dia.HC, Alu.Cut, Z.Cut) to prevent weld build-up.


Wood is a natural product and therefore inhomogeneous. Its main components are cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin.
It is similar in structure to fibre composites, cellulose (hemicellulose) acts as fibres and gives strength and hardness, lignin acts as a matrix, holds the fibres together and gives the wood its bending strength. The structure and structure of different types of wood differ greatly. Wood can absorb a lot of water, which can have an influence on the processing. In order to obtain homogeneous properties, wood is often glued (laminated) or processed into fibreboard.

-> SPPW Rapid-Line cutters have highly positive rake angles and are extremely sharply ground and are therefore very durable. Combined with large chip chambers, this results in good chip removal with little friction and heat in the milling process. If the wood pulls out upwards, straight grooved cutters are the remedy.

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