More than 33,000 precision tools in premium quality - center drills, NC pilot drills, step drills, twist drills, reamers, countersinks, countersinks, flat countersinks, slot milling cutters, copy milling cutters, light milling cutters, roughing cutters, taps, tap formers and thread milling cutters.

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Our extensiv rage of tools includes more than 33,000 precision tools in premium quality. The areas of application include centering, drilling, reaming, countersinking, milling and thread cutting and are supplemented by a wide rage of niche products e.g. in micro machining, multifunctional machining or the machining of modern materials.


Almost all materials can be machined with our tool programm. Our high-performance tools offer the best performance an reliable high quality across our entire range.


Our quality claim leads to constantly better, ever more mature tools with the most modern properties and closest manufacturing tolerances and thus to more efficiency for our customers.



More than 33,000 precision tools in 14 categories

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