Specific industry knowledge
We provide sustainable profitability through adapted solutions for your industry . Our tools, solutions and concepts are adapted to the needs of the individual markets and industries and thus reflect the special features of these markets. Every market, every industry or branch gets a matching product with the right service and know-how.

Machining technology in various industries


Our tools are used in various industries in order to manufacture many different products and with the highest precision. Medical technology, aviation, automotive, energy or microsystems - the demands on machining technology have grown steadily and are now more differentiated than ever.

With more than fifty-five years of experience, we have played a key role in this development since 1963 and are a competent partner in questions of cutting tool technology.

We know the requirements of the various markets and contribute with our tools to the economic success of our customers.

Our expertise and the common language we share with the end-users have made us one of the market's leading contacts for solutions in precision and high-performance machining. First-class consulting, best quality and individual solutions are our goal.

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