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Center drills are profile drilling tools, specially developed for the production of center holes, especially according to DIN 332. These center holes permit the clamping of workpieces during turning operations on lathes.


Besides center drills according to DIN/ISO standard, you will find US standard (ASA), British standard (BS) or Japanese standard (JIS) in our program. We offer center drills made of various cutting materials - high-speed steel HSS or HSS-E05 with 5% cobalt content, HSS-E powder metal and solid carbide. Our center drills get even more performance by the suitable coatings - TiN, TiAlN and X.Cut.


Centring drills are profile drilling tools which have been specially developed for the production of centring holes. These center holes then allow the clamping of workpieces during machining on lathes.

Centering drills can also be used for spotting so that a subsequent drilling tool does not run during machining.

There are different types of center drills depending on the application. In Germany, centring bores are standardised according to DIN 332. The most common variant is Form A, with a taper angle of 60°, supplemented by Forms R and B.


With Form R, the taper angle is designed as a radius. The transition from the tool tip to the shank is gradual, which makes the center drill much more stable.

Form B is characterized by a protective chamfer of 120° at the shank transition. This protects the 60° centering against damage, at the same time it serves as a centering aid and thus facilitates the automated clamping of turned parts.

A further characteristic is form W, where the centring drill has a bead on the small diameter. This bead makes the center drill more stable and facilitates chip removal. In addition, lubricant can be held better in the centering hole, so that fast-turning workpieces receive better lubrication.

A non-DIN standardized form is A90°. Here the taper angle is 90°, so that the centering bore can be used simultaneously as a countersink.


Another special type are step centering drills according to DIN 332-2. These drilling tools are specially designed for the machining of shaft ends of electrical machines. The centering drill creates

  • one centering hole
  • a 90° countersink as thread entry
  • one thread core hole for the following tap

Step centering drills are available in shapes D (corresponds to shape A for normal centre drills), DR (corresponds to shape R) and DS (corresponds to shape B).

In addition to center drills according to DIN/ISO standard, you will also find US standard (ASA), British standard (BS) or Japanese standard (JIS) in our program.

We also have a large selection of centring drill blanks to produce special shapes and custom-made products.

facts worth knowing About Centering tools


The accuracy of the alignment of the centering point to the shank.
Without this, it is not possible to produce a centering hole of good quality.


An optimized bevel ensures better penetration into the workpiece and thus lower drilling forces. This is why our large center drills are sharpened.


Our special relief grinding brings out the best in the center drills, ensures high tool stability and best chip removal.


DIN/ISO, BS, ASA, JIS and factory standard, you will find the widest range of center drills on the market and this as stock standard.


High-performance center drills made of HSS-E powder metal combine toughness with durability for high productivity under difficult (unstable) operating conditions.

Available with X.Cut coating for extra high productivity and prolonged tool life.

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