THREADING TOOLS - Taps and Forming Taps

"Flash-Cut" Taps and forming taps are available for the most common applications in tapping. All taps are quality made in EU and offer a very attractive price.

  • Yellow for universal use

  • Rotring for harder steels

  • Blue ring for stainless steels

  • Green ring for aluminium

  • White ring for cast materials



New high-performance tap program "FlashCut" for all common thread production applications

The new threading tools offer an optimal price-performance ratio and are available as thread taps and thread formers. In contrast to classical thread cutting, thread forming involves cold forming of the material without damaging the grain of the material. This considerably increases the strength compared to conventional threads. Angular deviations are also avoided as the material is deformed without play. The threads are toleranced over the entire length and can be inserted at an increased cutting speed. Since thread forming is only possible for materials with good cold formability, the "FlashCut" thread forming tools are offered as formers and drills.

All FlashCut threading tools are made of special HSS-E and powder metal. These powder metallurgy cutting materials have advantages over other cutting materials: they have a higher hardness due to the large proportion of carbide-forming elements, a higher toughness due to reduced deposition of carbides and isotropic properties due to an even distribution of carbide particles. Powder metal combines the hardness of tungsten carbide with the toughness of conventional high-speed steels.

Optimized cutting edge geometries have been developed for the various materials for the respective application. In combination with special profile shapes - flank relief or exposed teeth - the occurring cutting forces can be significantly reduced and the service life of the threading tool significantly increased.






In addition, coating systems optimized for the respective application are used. Thus, a suitable high-performance tool is available for all common applications and materials.

In conjunction with the wide range of thread milling cutters with and without deburring stage for use on milling and turning machines, all machining operations related to thread production are now covered.

facts worth knowing About  threading tools


Powder metal optimally combines toughness and hardness and is used above all for difficult materials.


Many of our taps are manufactured with flank relief (FH) or exposed teeth (AZ). Both methods serve to reduce torque and prolong tool life.


We offer taps with nitriding, TiN, TiCN as well as special coatings for thread forming.


Due to the high torques, good lubrication is particularly important for thread cutting.
The emulsion should be extremely full or it is best to work immediately with cutting oil, our recommendation for thread forming.


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